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Monroe Village

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Whatever your Comfort Zone is,
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You’ve come to the right place for retirement living in
Monroe Township, NJ.

More than a senior living community, Monroe Village is a place to relax with a new level of comfort.  Consider all the bills you’re paying now—utilities, repairs, taxes, insurance, transportation and gas, lawn care and snow removal. You’ll no longer have to pay them, because those services are included in your package here. What about all the fun you love, from the fitness center to the golf course to the performing arts? They come with your package, too. So do a host of clubs and activities, as well as restaurant-style dining every day. And you can forget about the household chores that tie you down now. We provide housekeeping and concierge services. All these conveniences put your budget in a whole new Comfort Zone. Instead of adding up your monthly bills, you’ll count the savings. Use our handy online calculator to compare.

But you have unique passions and goals. What will make your life more comfortable? Our LivWell program, a Springpoint exclusive, is designed to find out—and fill your days with activities that fulfill your desires and friends who share your interests.  It’s perhaps the most personalized program for wellness and growth in the region. Learn more.

Wouldn’t it add to your comfort to have a solid plan in place for any future health challenge—with healthcare services right where you live? Onsite, we offer in-home personal care, assisted living and skilled nursing. What’s more, the cost of outstanding care at Monroe Village is less than the prevailing rate for pay-as-you-go care.  If you haven’t looked hard at your health care future, that’s reason alone to talk to us.

Take your comfort level even higher when you choose a Lifecare contract. Lifecare means your monthly payments will stay at the independent living rate even if you need higher levels of care. Lifecare protects your future and keeps your finances predictable. It’s a whole new dimension of comfort. 

So enjoy the patio overlooking a landscaped courtyard. Walk your dog along shady paths or stroll in the dappled sunlight. Maybe your Comfort Zone is a cozy armchair by the fireside on a chilly night. Visit us and see how much more comfortable you could be in Monroe Village, one of New Jersey’s most inviting senior living communities.

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