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Independent Living

Why is independent living at Monroe Village so much more comfortable than the typical New Jersey retirement community?

We know you lead an active life, but isn’t it a little too active when it comes to household chores and paying bill after bill? And when you think about healthcare, you want proactive services—but right now, you have to actively seek them out all over town. You know how costly home healthcare can be in New Jersey. Monroe Village is a continuing care retirement community offering a convenient solution: You’ll enjoy worry-free living, with a vast array of services and amenities. You’ll have the comforting knowledge that a full range of healthcare options will be here should the need arise. Research shows that moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community can actually help people live longer!

As part of our independent living community, our residents have access to our onsite Wellness Clinic. Our clinic offers a full-service doctor’s office, with an MD and visiting specialists from the Monroe Township area, including a cardiologist, orthopedist, dentist, podiatrist and optometrist. You’ll find a wide range of clinical services onsite, and expert help on disease prevention and healthy living.

Our exclusive Livwell wellness program is a big part of maintaining your independence, making fitness and well-being a natural part of every day, in the ways most meaningful to you personally. Learn more.

You and your family can remain independent from worry about a health emergency, with a full continuum of healthcare right here: assisted living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation.

Come and meet our residents. Many of them moved from “active adult communities” to a higher level of independence: the secure comforts and lively world of Monroe Village. Visit our pool and fitness center, join in our activities and special events.

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