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How to talk to your parents about making a move to senior living.

Draw from Springpoint’s experience with retirement communities and health services in Central New Jersey.

Talking about a major life transition can be one of the most challenging conversations you can have with your parents. It means looking hard at the future, from planning for financial security to considering options for healthcare. As a New Jersey based nonprofit sponsor of retirement communities and services,Springpoint has over a century of senior healthcare experience. We can be your central source for practical information.

These thoughts can begin the process, but please remember: We are always ready to help you. Call 877-586-1552 or contact us for help. We can provide facts and show you alternatives you may not know about. There’s never any sales pressure. As a mission-driven organization, our first responsibility is to serve you.

Parents usually say:

“We’re just not ready yet.”

Too often, people decide that they’re ready when a health crisis strikes. By that time, they have fewer options—and the choices they do have are more expensive.

The time to start looking at senior living is before they’re “ready”—while they’re healthy and can take full advantage of community life. Our residents will usually tell you, “I wish I’d come here five years ago.”

Are they ready for fewer household chores and more free time for the things they love? Are they ready for wonderful dining, new friends and stimulating fun? The best way to find out is to be our guests for a complimentary overnight mini-vacation, where they can see for themselves. Find out more.

“We can’t afford it.”

It sometimes seems like staying in their house is the most affordable choice—until you compare their actual monthly costs with everything included at a senior living community. Our online cost-of-living calculator can help you add up those bills—home maintenance, repairs, property taxes, insurance, food, utilities and other household expenses. You’ll have a basis of comparison for the retirement communities you visit.

Our residents have found that you can get a lot more service, pleasure and security without paying a lot more. That may surprise your parents. Also, with such a wide range of styles and sizes, Springpoint communities offer residences for a wide range of budgets and tastes—as well as a diverse number of financial options. It costs nothing to find out more.

Perhaps the most important aspect of value? The security you have when you put a sound plan in place for future health care needs. Having a full-service continuum of care on site is not only convenient—it’s far more cost-efficient than taking your chances on the prevailing cost of pay-as-you-go health care. Use our online risk calculator for a closer look.

“We’re afraid of spending down our assets.”

That’s a common concern, but our communities offer a refundable entrance fee program, so a portion of their entrance fee is returned to their estate. We are happy to provide details to their financial and estate advisors, so that they can make plans with confidence. Contact us for details.

There is no riskier way to deal with your assets than to wait too long, find yourself in a health crisis and be forced to spend down your life savings to provide the care you need.

“We just can’t face selling the house and moving.”

Our Move Ahead Program makes it far easier than you may think. It includes assistance with downsizing—even helping to donate or sell items and ship heirlooms to family. Our planners can visit their home and help them fit their treasures into a new floor plan that shows their antiques and favorite furniture in a beautiful new light.

Move Ahead helps them find the right realtor, stage their home for a successful sale, and even offers financing assistance, so they can move to the community before they sell their house.

When it’s time to move, we work with trusted moving partners to pack, ship and unpack everything—seamlessly.

“I don’t want to live in one of ‘those places.’”

They may have a false impression of a senior living community, based on clichéd notions of a “nursing home.” One visit will help dispel that idea: our communities are lively places, where people really enjoy life more. Our residents come from all walks of life—teachers, business leaders, engineers, artists, musicians, and veterans—with wonderful friendships to share.

Science has proven that people actually grow stronger and prevent decline when they live in a community that nurtures wellness and social engagement. That’s one reason we invite prospective residents to come for a free overnight stay. They can see for themselves what community life has meant to the people who live here.

Isolation and routine contribute to aging. Community life can be the gateway to longer, healthier, happier lives.

“We don’t want to be a burden to our children.”

So many people tell us that. In a community, with a complete health care infrastructure ready for virtually any emergency, they can relax and enjoy life. We can respond with the right help immediately when their children can’t. Friends—both neighbors and staff—love them and look out for them every day. Their families can have peace of mind, knowing that parents are cared for.

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