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More comfortable than your Comfort Zone: More service, more security, more value.

Monroe Village

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See how affordable senior living can be.

Financial flexibility at Springpoint's distinctive retirement community in Monroe, NJ.

We want your financial decision to fall squarely into your Comfort Zone, and you’ll discover we have many ways to help you do it. First of all, you’re probably paying more now for a lot less service: Compare the costs of staying in your home with all the services and amenities our residents enjoy. Forget about snow removal, lawn care, taxes, and utilities. Just add up your monthly bills and see how much you’ll save. You’ll appreciate why Monroe Village is one of New Jersey’s most affordable full-service retirement values. Backed by the resources of nonprofit Springpoint Senior Living, we offer a respected healthcare program that frees you from worry about your future needs: onsite personal care, assisted living, memory support and skilled nursing at rates significantly below the prevailing cost of health services.

Depending upon your goals, we have a choice of contract options. The newest is Lifecare, which guarantees that your payments won't change even if you need more care. If you’re looking for a lower cash outlay now, choose our traditional plan. If you want powerful asset protection, discover our refundable plan. Either way, you enjoy all the pleasures and comforts of Monroe Village. Visit us.

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